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PRE 2013

01-03-2013 Sturgis SD buys DC3 in Cai·Camera systems-


12-11-2012 FORT HOOD - LARGEST US ARMY BASE CHOOSES DC3 Pol ice in-car video Systems-


07/03/ 12 VANDERBURG US ATR FORCE BASE ORDER DC3 Camera w/ Wireless Downloading-


07/03/12 CASS COUNTY SHERJFF'S buys DC3 police car cameras-


06/11/12 CALIFORNlA FISH & GAME orders DC3 ruggedized Police in car camera system-


05/25/12 FT. MEADE Military Police orders DC3 w/ Video wireless downloading-


05/13/12 LAWRENCE COUNTY SHERIFF'S Indiana orders DC3 police car camera-


04/15/12 TEXAS COUNTY SHERIFF'S orders more DC3 Police Car video cameras-


03/29/12 SABINE PARISH Louisiana Buys Vid Shield On Officer Body Camera-


03/21/12 Oklahoma County Sheriff Orders DC3 and Police Body Worn Camera-


03/06/12 US BLM Orders Vid-Shield Police Body Camera w/ Night Visi.on-


03/03/i 2 SAN PATRTCIO COUNTY SHERIFF TEXAS orders 53 DVD Partners Police Camera Systems-


02-06/12 Moore Oklahoma orders 45 DC3's with Wireless video downloading-


01/15/12 US Forest Service Orders 15 more Police Car Camera systems-


08/15/l l ST. MARTIN PARJSH LOU!SANA orders 4 l MDE2 Pol ice Car Cameras-


08/29/11 Major South American Country orders DC3 Police Car Cameras-


05/22/11 HALE' COUNTY CONSTABLE TEXAS orders MDE2 Police Cameras-


03/19/1 1 TEMPLE BELL COUNTY TEXAS ORDERS MDE2 in Large QuanUties-


03/01/ J l US Forest Service Orders 15 more Police Car Camera systems-02/-04/1 1Wood County Sheriff Texas orders MDE2 Police Car Cameras-


01/ 15/11 El Paso County Sheriff orders MDE2 Police Car Camera Systems-


12/04/ 10 lJS Forest Service orders MDE2 Police Cars Camera Texas-10/12/10 US BLM orders MDE2 Police car Cameras-


10/ J 3/10 Martel Wins South Carolina State Contract for Police Car Cameras System Contract Numbers-


06/06/ 10 Marion County Sheriff Florida Orders Over 275 MDE2 Police Car Camera Systems. Marion County Sheriff is .one .ofthe Largest in the Nat:ion.-


03/13/10 Maricopa County Sheriff Otders DVD Partner PoUce Car Camera units

2010 Military Testing Complete on DC3 and Vid-Shield

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