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I wanted to take the time to thank you and your staff for such an easy vehicle purchase. I had to purchase a used patrol vehicle on short notice due to one of my officers rolling his vehicle during a snow storm. We are a small department and budgets are tight, the only money I had to purchase a vehicle was the insurance

payment on the wrecked vehicle. I found your site on the internet and there was one particular vehicle that caught my interest. I phoned and was advised that the vehicle was still available. Thanks to you I was able to purchase a 2001 Police Interceptor with very low miles on it for less than what I got from the insurance company. You worked with me on the shipping and we were able to come to a quick deal that satisfied both parties. I want you to know that if and when I need any other vehicles I will contact you first and see what you have. I would recommend your company to any other police departments. I also want to thank your staff that put the paperwork together, I was able to easily go through it and get the vehicle license and titled with no problems. Again thanks for the great professional service you and your staff provided to this department.


Springerville Police Department

Thank you for your follow up inquiry regarding the Ford Police Interceptor we recently purchased from you. As specified in our purchase agreement, the car was completely repainted and had a piece of door trim replaced. Upon delivery, all work had been completed to our satisfaction allowing us to immediately put the car into service. This car is driven 70 or more miles per day five days per week and we continue to be highly satisfied with it. I also appreciate your willingness to work with us to accommodate our purchasing process.


Mike Pollok

Director of Student and Community Services

Orange Unified School District

I purchased a 2003 Crown Vic in December of 2010 from Wild Rose Motors. My decision to do so was based on couple of things; #1 was price and #2 safety. Steve advised me when I purchased the car that the Crown Victoria’s are crash tested at 75 MPH because they are used by the government. Every other vehicle out there used by the general public, new or used, is tested at 25-40 MPH (I checked this out to be true).So I found this to be a great safety advantage for me. I’m not a great driver. I’ve been in a quite a few wrecks over the years, and have been through a lot of cars, and involved in a lot of accidents, with them increasing rapidly in the past 2 years. My family urged me to buy a safe car… so I did. This purchase was the Best Choice I ever made! I was involved in an accident 3 weeks after I purchased the vehicle. I was 1 out of 4 vehicles. The one thing I can tell you is I was practically the only one that walked away without injury. This Car is Solid!!!!! The Crown Vic WITHOUT A DOUBT saved me major injury or quite possibly even may have saved my life. If I would have been in a compact car, I would have definitely been taken away in an ambulance as some of the others were.Once I get my insurance money for the car, I will be purchasing another Crown Victoria!

Thanks Seton!!!


Raytheon recently asked how much 1/2 of one of our vehicles would cost - they were serious! They wanted only the front seat and dash area for a training vehicle. We took them up on their challenge and are supplying them with a fully customized police training vehicle. Here are a few pictures of what the car has gone through. Keep posted for the finished product!

Located in Fullerton, CA, Wild Rose Motors is a supplier of retired police interceptors. Wild Rose purchases only the best police vehicles; it services them, details them, and fits them to meet customers specific needs. Clients include the FBI, Ranger Departments, Probation Departments, Police Departments, Security and Fire Companies, as well as the general public. Wild Rose sells Ford Crown Victorias, Chevrolet SS Impalas and Chevrolet Caprices. All vehicle selections and services are done in house with 25 years of experience.


General Manager Seton Montgomerie talked to PFM about Wild Roses services.Once a car arrives at Wild Rose Motors, it goes through a full-service mechanical inspection. Montgomerie said he replaces anything that could fail or is nearing its end of life, including hoses, oil ring seals, radiators, or anything for preventative maintenance.


The company always changes the engine oil and filter and uses only premium quality products, such as Valvoline VRI, a racing-grade oil, and Mobil 1 Synthetic for transmissions. Rebuilt engines and transmissions are installed if the vehicle has a mechanical defect or if the customer requests it.Additional services include checking the spark plugs, wires, air filter; throttle body plate intake and cleaning; engine and transmission mounts checked and/or replaced; transmission service; filter and gasket change and inspection; refills with high-quality Dextron3 fluid; replace exhaust mounts; limited slip rear-end fluid replacement as required. Brake service includes a pad replacement and flush, plus diagnostic checks on all systems.The most important aspect of the Crown Victorias is the high-speed interceptor package containing a high-performance engine, twin cam, multi-point injected V-8, a high-performance computer, a 120-amp heavy-duty alternator, a heavy-duty water pump, an external, aircraft-quality engine, two transmission coolers, a double-fan radiator cooling system and a heavy-duty radiator. In addition, theres a heavy-duty, four-speed electronic transmission and an extra capacity transmission, limited slip high-ratio rear end, and super-duty ABS four-wheel disc brakes.Wild Roses Chevy SS Impalas and Caprices are equipped with the high-speed performance Corvette engine 5.7 liter, multi-point injector V-8 or V-6, a high-performance computer, a 120-amp heavy-duty alternator, a heavy-duty water pump, an external engine cooler, two transmission coolers, a double-fan radiator cooling system and a heavy-duty radiator.These vehicles also have a 700R heavy-duty Corvette transmissions; limited slip high-ratio rear end; super-duty ABS four-wheel disc brakes; heavy-duty high performance, ventilated rims that are 1 inch wider than standard; Goodyear Eagle RSA 225-70, Z rated tires; super-duty good-performance suspension package; front and rear sway bars with heavy-duty suspension bushings; heavy-duty shocks and springs; and high-performance twin tuned exhaust. Safety features include high-impact-reinforced impact bars, drive shaft and universals.Wild Rose contracts out to a paint shop for repainting two-tone police cars to solid colors, or per customers requests. All cars are sanitized in addition to being cleaned and detailed. Carpet and upholstery are replaced as needed, so the car is as close to new as the customer?s budget allows.


The majority of Wild Roses vehicles are from California. Montgomerie calls West Coast cars ?superior? due to the good weather and roads in that region of the country. He went on to say that a 5-year-old car in New York has had its life, whereas a car the same age in California might have many more good years left. Thats why Wild Rose does not deal with out-of-state vehicles, again due to potential problems such as corrosion.Montgomerie said legislation in California is strict, so he hand picks every vehicle to ensure that he gets the best vehicle possible. He has worked with agencies from Orange County, CA for many years due to Wild Roses good reputation for giving officers fair deals and the respect they deserve, Montgomerie said.Wild Rose sells to many different departments for both patrol use and take-home fleets. Montgomerie works with small departments on tight budgets, even giving them deals such as three for the price of one. He gives discounts to law enforcement, government offices, and the military to show the appreciation for the jobs they do. The Marines have used his cars for training purposes.


Montgomerie said a lot of families with teenage drivers have been buying used police cars because of the safety factor. Parents with young children also like the fact that the Ford CVPI can fit three car seats across the back seat. Many of Wild Roses customers are people who have been in accidents and now want a safer car.Vehicles found at Wild Rose typically have 50,000 to 90,000 miles on them. The company does not place a cutoff age on its cars, but it usually deals with Ford Crown Victorias from model years 1997 to 2005. Chevy Impalas range from 1993 to 1996. Nearly new vehicles are also available if a customer requests one.A 2-year-old CVPI with 85,000 miles would sell for $9,980 at Wild Rose Motors. A Fleet Replacement Program is also available. Montgomerie said his cars are all ready to go. If a customer needs 10 cars tomorrow, he can supply them. He also offers negotiated contract rates and fleet discounts for the more you buy. The company ships cars all over the country and as far as Australia.Though a small company, Wild Rose Motors prides itself on high-quality customer service. Originally from New Zealand, Montgomerie said he brought his business sense from there. He once had a client whose wife was stuck on the freeway with car trouble drove out to help her. Thats PR that money cant buy, Montgomerie said. The company sells a large volume of vehicles based on word of mouth alone. Montgomerie will pay a $100 finders fee to anyone who refers someone to his shop.


Jennifer Gavigan

Police Fleet Manager Magazine

Nov/Dec 2008 Issue

This past Spring, after searching the country for a Police Interceptor that met my expectations, I found a 2003 Ford P71 at Wild Rose Motors that was everything I hoped for. I was so impressed with the deal and the after-sale service, I wrote a testimony to my experience with Steve Montgomery and his crew. My name is Victor, but if you?ve read the testimonials written for Wild Rose Motors, you may know me better as ''Cynical Old Fart''. A couple of months after buying the P71, I hit the road on a cross-country journey with more than 87,000 miles showing on the odometer. Although I had owned a Police Interceptor with mileage in the past, I had never travelled long distances in it. Until this trip, I didn?t know what I had been missing. The P71?s high performance suspension and front-end took to the asphalt with a sure-footedness and confidence that was a pleasure to experience. Even under a very heavy load that forced the car to shift into passing gear for long periods when climbing mountains, the super-duty cooling system kept the powerful Interceptor V-8 running cool and smooth, never missing a beat for twelve hundred miles! As satisfying as the Interceptor's performance was, I have to admit that I also came to relish the public's reaction to the car. Wherever I stopped, the P71 attracted admirers. Within the first couple of months after arriving in Amarillo, Texas, where I'm visiting family, I had five offers to sell the car, including one from a local constable. I enjoyed the compliments, but no other car I might buy would provide the safety, the performance, the reliability, the good looks, and the unique pride in ownership that a Ford Police Interceptor gives to those who drive them. I owe so much of my satisfaction with this car, though, to my decision to buy from Wild Rose Motors. Steve Montgomery is a Police Interceptor enthusiast who hand picks only clean, dry, well-maintained units from Southern California agencies. He doesn't settle for less, and neither do I. My P71 has recently sailed past 90,000 miles, just in time for the car and I to hit the highway on

another cross-country adventure. I'll catch up with you down the road.



Victor M.

Wild Rose Motors,

My name is Ian and purchased a 2003 “Jet Black” CVPI from you guys. Firstly, let me say that you guys are amazing in every way. Let me describe my experience: When I first arrived, I was greeted by Steve. Now, I was expecting him to be just like most car salesmen, very pushy and impatient but, as I found out, that wasn’t him. He was very friendly and made the car buying process a lot more relaxing. So friendly and relaxed that he let me take the car for a test drive and he wasn’t even in the car and after I had purchased the car he replaced the pushbar that came with it for free!!Let me stress that young drivers, like myself, are driving cars harder and faster than ever and, as a result, teen driving fatalities are rising. Teens nowadays settle for cars that are cheap and most times unsafe. Well, the CVPI is extremely safe. So safe that it was given a 5 star crash test rating and tested to withstand rear end crashes at speeds in excess of 75mph. No other car is tested to that standard!!!(See the link at the end of this letter if you don’t believe me.) It’s this kind of top notch safety that saves lives. Now I don’t condone reckless driving like speeding or racing but it’s always good to have a high level of safety when driving, legally.In conclusion, Wild Rose Motors is the best choice for young people looking for a Police Interceptor. Their service and commitment to their customers rivals that of other “big name” car dealerships. Not to mention that they sell safe, reliable and fast cars.



Ian C.


P.S. Big thanks to Melissa for taking care of the financing.

Seton Montogomerie


Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much we like the Police Cruiser we purchased from you. This vehicle has been an outstanding addition to our department. It's an excellent vehicle, in outstanding condition. It was truly a pleasure working with you. I appreciate your professionalism and fair pricing. I wish you all the best in your endeavors and look forward to doing business with you in the future.



Mark Farley

CalArts Campus Safetyn Supervisor

Hi Seton and crew,


Well... I have finally broken the 25.5 MPG mark and recently got 26.1 on a trip to Utah. I now have put over 4,000 miles on this vehicle. It was amazing to me how such a large car with all the horse power could get such great fuel mileage on the highway. This car has proven to be very comfortable on long trips especially now that I have factory cruise control which only requires the addition of just one item: a factory steering wheel with switches and then to get Ford to update the stock programming to show a cruise control installed to the ECM. I would highly recommend this upgrade for the 2006 and up vehicle since it was so easy which is probably due in part to the factory "Fly-By-Wire" throttle available from mid 2005 on up. So far I am happy to have purchased this vehicle from you and am looking forward to doing further business with you and your great staff in the future.


Morgan Langley

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