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The DC3 Digital Video Evidence Manager (DVEM) is the ultimate way to store, search, and add notes; snap photos; review and tag videos; and burn DVDs for court.It collects video from wireless access points and from memory cards.Built in passwords, log management utilities and audit log trails.The Police Chief, Sheriff, or IT Manager has full access, enabling all functions, including deletion of video files.The Martel DC3, specifically designed for law enforcement and military applications, records high- resolution MPEG2 digital video directly to non-volatile solid-state memory cards. Depending on system configuration, you have the option to upload files to your wireless network (with optional 802.11n interface) or exchange the recorded SDHC card and store the files on your office PC with the included Digital Video Evidence Manager (DVEM) software package.One piece machined aluminum “iPod Touch” constructionBright 5.0” touch-screen control monitor: no buttons or switches to failUniversal compatibility: MPEG2 720 X 480 D1 record resolutionSuperior audio intelligibility: 2.4 GHz digital spread spectrum body microphone systemSecure Evidence Storage & Management Software: file tracking, intuitive rapid search, snapshot and fast burn of video files to DVDBattle proven by all branches of the United States MilitaryTime, date and department information are imbedded in a recording watermark that virtually eliminates authentication challenges.

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